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Term And Condition

For Institute

Masterbabu provides institutes with a complete student management solution. When you connect with us you get access to our cutting edge software and online portal using which you can manage your day to day business seamlessly and focus on your core competency which is teaching. For example, you can send bulk notification via SMS or email to your students and teachers. Masterbabu also helps you to reduce your monthly operational cost by becoming paperless. As Masterbabu’s accounting module helps you to generate invoice electronically and keep track of paid and unpaid fees. Not only you can use our online portal to conduct your own Mcq style exam but also give the result to students in seconds. Following are different plans which you can opt from:

A yearly package where you have to pay INR 2500 as an annual fee and we will make your online presence a reality by creating a personal webpage of your institution. Apart from this, you will get full access to our student management system which includes 5000 bulk sms , and access to the accounting module.

Following are the terms and conditions of using our online test taking platform

1. In this model, you take ownership of setting the questions and answers yourself and uploading them to the platform. We will charge you 15% of the fee you are charging your students to take the test. This charge is per student basis.

2. If you set your own question and answer but do not want to put it in the Masterbabu test taking platform then we will charge you 20% of the fee you are charging your students to take the test. The charge is per student basis.

3. If you choose to delegate the entire responsibility of setting question, providing answer and solutions and uploading it to our platform then we will charge you 70% of the fee you are charging your students to take the test. The charge is per student basis.

For Teacher

Home Tutors when register themselves with, they get access to various study resources including class notes, video lecture and detailed syllabus with the unit wise topic breakdown. These study material will help tutors to prepare their lecture before going to the tuition. Following are the terms and conditions a tutor shall abide by if he/she registers himself/herself as a home tutor at

1. A Teacher needs to pay annual registration fees of INR 1000 at the time of joining The registration is valid for one year and after the completion of a year, the teacher needs to re-enroll again by paying the registration fee. Registration fee is subject to change each year.

2. will find home tuition for the tutors and the tutor needs to give up to two demo classes before the tuition gets finalized at a particular location with a particular parent/student. If the parent or student rejects the tutor after taking the demo class then the tutor will be given a second chance and will be sent to a different location for giving demo classes. If the tutor gets rejected once or twice then reserves the right to cancel the membership of the tutor without any refund of the registration fee. In the situation of the tutor being rejected twice consecutively, Masterbabu may provide counselling and training to the teacher before considering the tutor to give more chances.

3. If a Tuition at a particular location gets available then all the teachers who have expressed their interest in taking up a teaching assignment in that area will be notified via email and SMS. On receiving the notification, a tutor needs to reply back to confirm that he/she is willing to take up the assignment. Masterbabu will go through all the responses for a particular teaching assignment and will decide based on the followings which teacher to send for the demo. a. Preference and need of the parent or student b. Qualification of teachers. c. Experience of teachers. d. Availability of teacher e. Order in which we have got the response from the teacher. Masterbabu strives to provide equal teaching opportunities to the teachers registered as home tutors. However, Masterbabu reserves the right to choose teachers based on his/her teaching experience and qualification for any given teaching assignment.

4. Once a tutor is approved by parents and after giving the demo classes, the tutor needs to follow the schedule and timing of the tuition as agreed upon by tutor and parent. Tutor shall strive to arrive at the client’s location, student, on time. The teacher needs to follow the syllabus of the student and shall complete the syllabus on time. If the tutor wants to change the schedule then he/she can do so with the consensus of the parent. It is the responsibility of the teacher to inform about the change in schedule so that can manage teaching resources.

5. If a teacher is not able to go for tutoring on a particular day or needs to cancel his/her tutoring assignments for a particular duration then he/she should inform and parents at least 12 hours in advance. If a teacher does not show for tutoring without giving any notification to parent and then reserves right to take suitable action against the teacher.

6. Masterbabu reserves the right to keep track of the activity of tutors which includes followings. a. Leave taken by the tutor. b. Not appearing for the lessons without any prior information. c. Appearing late for the classes. d. Regular feedback given by the student and parents. e. The efficiency of covering syllabus.

7. Masterbabu encourages tutors to take help of video classes and class notes prepared by subject matter experts of Masterbabu. It is the responsibility of a tutor to encourage the student to go through the video class of all the topics which will be discussed in the upcoming class. It is required by the tutor to take a unit test after completing every unit. The unit test has to be taken using Masterbabu’s online exam platform within 5 days of completing the unit and result of the unit test needs to be uploaded to the online platform within 2 days of taking the test.

8. There are two modes of payment to tutors at a. will keep 100% of the tuition fees of the first month. The tutor will get 100% fees from second month onward. This one-time service fee is applicable for each tuition i.e. if a tutor is getting, for example, 3 teaching assignments then we will deduct this charge for all the three tuitions. Also, this fee is for one academic session only and will be charged again in the next academic session i.e. if a tutor got an assignment to teach a student of standard 8 then we will take 100% tuition fees of the first month and when the student progresses to standard 9th then we will again charge this fees. This one-time fee will be directly paid to the by the parent. The subsequent month's tuition fees will be paid to the tutor by the parents directly. b. Each month will take 20% of the fee paid by the student and will give back 80% to the teacher. This will be applicable per teaching assignments.

9. For standard 11th and 12th, a teacher needs to take at least 12 classes a month for a teaching assignment. Masterbabu will charge 50% of the first month fees and 30% of the second-month fee. After two month teacher will get 100% of the fee. This is applicable per teaching assignment basis and per academic calendar.

10. In no circumstances, a tutor sent by for teaching shall engage with parent to offer classes at lower rates or refer someone else to take the class. has the right to take legal action against such tutors and the service of these tutors will be terminated immediately without any refund. Such teachers will also be blacklisted and will be barred to join for the lifetime.

10. Tutors are not permitted to contact the client i.e. parent, which the tutor has got through, and persuaded to cancel the teaching contract with and set up his own classes for the next academic session. If a teacher is found to be indulged in such act then has the right to take legal action against such tutors and the service of these tutors will be terminated immediately without any refund. Such teachers will also be blacklisted and will be bared to join for the lifetime.